Macc Lads - Come To Brum | Fulham Greyhound

Come To Brum | Fulham Greyhound

Macc Lads

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Macc Lads - Come To Brum | Fulham Greyhound

COME TO BRUM - Goldwyns Suite Birmingham 24/10/88
Knock Knock - Julie The Schooly - Head Kicked In - Twenty Pints - Bitter Fit Crack - Ben Nevis - Bloik! / Commercial Break / Saturday Night - Failure With Girls - Fat Bastard - No Sheep 'till Buxton - Barrel's Round - Jingle Bells - God's Gift To Women - Sweaty Betty

Fulham Greyhound London 18/09/87
Macc Lads Party - Eh Up Lets Sup - Head Kicked In - Sweaty Betty - Sit On Me Face - Miss Macclesfield - Juile The Schooly - Saturday Night - Gods Gift To Women - Scabby Women - Twenty Pints - Charlotte - Now He's A Poof - Barrel's Round - Eh Up - Dans Underpants - Blackpool

Who would ever have believed that four filthy mouthed, hooligan punks from the quiet North West English town of Macclesfield would become the most notorious band of the 1980s UK rock scene. But that is exactly what happened. From hooligan dolites to degenerate superstars of punk rock in one disgustingly foul swoop. The Macc Lads assaulted the concert rooms of Britain, fuelled by inhuman amounts of Boddingtons bitter and countless horny rock chicks. It was rock n roll, but not as we know it!

This DVD features two epic gigs by the Macc Lads, playing to sell-out crowds in England’s first and second cities. By the late eighties the lads had left their pub rock beginning way behind and were now packing them in like no other band around. Profane and prolific in equal proportions they went from strength to strength, offending and entertaining the masses as they rampaged across the UK with their beer swilling phlegm-filled entourage in tow. Not only does the video feature the band live at Birmingham’s prestigious Goldwyns Suite in 1988 and the legendary Fulham Greyhound in 1987, it also contains several ‘commercials’ shot by the jettisoundz Video team for reasons unbeknown, except that maybe everyone involved had had a little too much pop. Good clean filthy fun!

Duration: 95 Mins
Cert: 18


  1. Come To Brum | Fulham Greyhound