The Spice Girls - Interview with Robin Ross 1996

Interview with Robin Ross 1996

The Spice Girls

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The Spice Girls - Interview with Robin Ross 1996

All of the original line up in a frank and open interview...

'Love them or hate them'... coping with fame... five mates having a laugh on one big adventure. We are doing our music, this is a mission 'girl power and feminism'.

The girls argue their point... 90's attitude. which songs go on the first Album... the Album is a reflection of the 90's... objective statements... and a ballad about safe sex... Lyrically trying to give out positive statements.

This interview gives you a real impression as to who had the attitude, the opinions, the objectives and what they were about in the beginning.
Is it classic pop but not as we know it?

They wanted to perform 'live' and they are as they seem but... underneath there is more. Looking back now how much of this interview has been realized? There's no shutting up the mouthy spice, there's a must listen to the Posh one and the Baby one talks with so much maturity.


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  1. Interview with Robin Ross 1996