Kirsty McColl - Interview with Robin Ross 1995

Interview with Robin Ross 1995

Kirsty McColl

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Kirsty McColl - Interview with Robin Ross 1995

Talking about the Best of and Why.. she talks about early work and why she found it important to include ‘New England’. Is she an observer and how does she see romance, Billy Bragg and Kirsty McColl just worked so well she knew she had a hit record. What does she think of compromise, talking about the music business. A woman who stuck to her guns and a woman who I had the utmost respect for.

‘Life’s too short to go around playing games and telling lies and making up stories, I think you just got to get on with it, it cuts out a lot of the nonsense really if you can honest and direct, they don’t have to agree with me, just know that I mean it.’

‘The Guy Works Down the Chip Shop...’ Nothing short of genius...
Lyrically brilliant and learn how this song came about.

Fairytale of New York. the best Christmas song... romantic without the frills and bows. Highly respected and loved by so many…

Kirsty sadly passed away tragically in an freak accident... this interview gives such an insight to a truly wonderful woman and I feel so fortunate to have met her and enjoyed her music.


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  1. Interview with Robin Ross 28/2/95