Robbie Robertson - Interview with Robin Ross 1994

Interview with Robin Ross 1994

Robbie Robertson

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Robbie Robertson - Interview with Robin Ross 1994

Possibly my favorite of them all.

Robbie Robertson is arguably music royalty and without a doubt a legend. When he walks in a room he creates a presence like you would not believe.

Talking about his truly native american influences and bringing it to the world today. He talks about his writing for the documentary, Music for the Native Americans'

As a man with a real native american heritage, he talks about his roots and the use of stuff he has been carrying with him all his life. His use of words is so uniquely eloquent as a song-smith and as a really passionate man explaining who he works with and why?

The 'Red Road Ensemble' explained so beautifully. Geronimo the movieā€¦.. Immigrant Americans could have learned more, and how to treat Native Americans, ... talking honestly from his generation and now how today comes back to visit you with the young guys who want respect. 'The Skin Walker' who does exist... amazing insight into native american theology and all the time riveting to listen to.


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  1. Interview with Robin Ross 1994