Meatloaf - Interview with Robin Ross 1993

Interview with Robin Ross 1993


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Meatloaf - Interview with Robin Ross 1993

Starts with a dispute and you will love and respect this man.
Bat out of Hell 2, let’s talk money.

7 years to make, people were sceptical and really did have a go at both Jim Steinman and Meatloaf. Un Edited and it’s amazing as Meatloaf takes control for a while... Meatloafs not hip... And so correct. The character of the man is so real and he is larger than life. The unknown factor of touring.

This man I so respect as he is very aware of the interviewer and really has a sublime skill in spotting every little trick.

Possible one of the most enjoyable interviews and of course so much fun. Game Shows are stupid, I will learn from this man... as he told me...


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  1. Interview with Robin Ross 7/7/93