Various Artists - Jettisoundz Promo Years

Jettisoundz Promo Years

Various Artists

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Various Artists - Jettisoundz Promo Years

As i get better, slowly, from a stroke some five years ago. It'll take me another couple years at least to get past it. But i say all the time, it's made me re-assess my self belief, and made me realise there are new goals out there.

Well, well, I think the line up looks a healthy one. There must be close to another 50 we haven't included here, they'll maybe get onto a second release. A look down the list makes me smile as I remember the names, all the do's and don'ts, all the triumphs of each one, but I think you'll agree, it was worth it.

Anyway, it's here as a 'best of'. This is the first time I've looked at ourselves as 'promo' makers. Taking the time and energy to make it all happen.

Now, thanks to our online world, you can check out a host of associated material. Visit the page at search for 'Jettisoundz Promos' to find I've uploaded lots featuring Karen Bentham, Jon Davenport, Bob Robinson, Richard King and others.

John Bentham - November 2011

1 One Way System ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’
2 Hawkwind ‘Night of the Hawk’
3 Ligotage ‘Vanity’
4 Jazz Butcher ‘Meets Count Dracula’
5 Crazy Tim & Sid ‘Goin’ Bowling’
6 Inca Babies ‘Jerico’
7 Toy Dolls ‘Nellie The Elephant’
8 Roy Harper & Jimmy Page ‘Advertisement’
9 Inner City Unit ‘Help Sharks’
10 Turnpike Cruisers ‘That Girls Got Mine’
11 Way Out West ‘Way Out West’
12 Action Pact ‘Johnny Fontaine’
13 Riverside Trio ‘Who’s That Knockin’
14 Robyn Hitchcock ‘America’
15 Inner City Unit ‘Blood & Bone’
16 Tygers of Pan Tang ‘Waiting’
17 Hawkwind ’Needlegun’
18 Cherry Bombz ‘Hot Girls In Love’
19 Raunch Hands ‘Black Jack’
20 Dancing Hoods ‘This Is Pleasure’
21 Crumbsuckers ‘Trapped’
22 Turnpike Cruisers ‘Extra Flesh’
23 Macc Lads ‘Eh Up!’
24 Guana Batz ‘Shake Your Money Maker’
25 Toy Dolls ‘Geordies Gone To Jail’
26 Alien Sex Fiend ‘Buggin Me’
27 Alien Sex Fiend ‘Ignore the Machine’
28 Michelle Shocked ‘5am In Amsterdam’
29 Exploited ‘Sexual Favours’
30 Frenzy ‘Clockwork Toy’
31 Meteors ‘Go Buddy Go’
32 Bad Karma Beckons ‘Six Brides for Jerry Lee’
33 Turnpike Cruisers ‘Eddies Ghost’
34 Meteors ‘Rawhide’
35 2-Kut ‘Rock That’
36 Psychic TV ‘Joy’
37 Caresse P-Orridge ‘Are You Experienced’
38 Horse London ‘Screwed, Blued & Tattooed’
39 Psychic TV ‘I C Water’
40 Meteors ‘Please Don’t Touch’
41 Cud ‘Strange Kind Of Love’
42 Shiela Chandra ‘Lament of McCrimmon’
43 Cud ‘Hey Wire’
44 Xentrix ‘For Whose Advantage’
45 M-Vita 'Time Waits For Nobody'
46 K-Klass ‘Rythmn is a Mystery’
47 Meteors ‘Who Do You Love’
48 Phantom Creeps ‘Head on Backwards’
49 Empress of Fur ‘Johnny Voodoo’
50 One Way System ‘Believe Yourself’