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Strawberry Blondes

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Strawberry Blondes - Kingmob

Strummers gone - What are we gonna do now? - Its tough to write a righteous press release with the bad news but the Blondes kick up such an exemplary life affirming racket that its pulling me right back into the melee.

I¹ve seen them play in small tightly packed clubs and their fiery self belief and brilliant short sharp punk rock tunes make me feel like I¹m at a Clash gig in the late seventies - except this time its coming from the Welsh vallies. Their anger is so full on and heartfelt it really fucking communicates. Yeah yeah I know what your gonna say ‘The Manics’ or something but I love the Manics as well and even though that’s a misguided punt its no damn insult - but The Blondes are wirier, angrier, punkier, and have a never ending supply of fantastic spiky pop tunes to back their born out of boredom fierce songs.

The Blondes communicate a passion, an integrity and a soul power that is a million miles away from lightweight poncing about on the rock n roll gravy train - its like they have got no fucking choice.
Oh and they can write some awesome tunes as well. Make no mistake this is a pop band - albeit a fiery - political - impassioned - blur of heart on sleeve very pissed off intelligent young men armed with a sprawling manifesto and a burning desire to get rock n roll back to a guerrilla raid intensity.

’British folk music with electric guitars’ as someone once said. - Punk rock that will shake you up.
I love them- that's why I sing on their fucking record.

Brother John Robb


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  1. Strawberry Blondes - Kingmob
  2. Strawberry Blondes - Return Of The Young Soul Warrior
  3. Strawberry Blondes - Bricks Under the Westway
  4. Strawberry Blondes - Pull Me Down