Tajiri Yuji - No Love Juice

No Love Juice

Tajiri Yuji

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No Love Juice £9.99


Tajiri Yuji - No Love Juice

“Raw, passionate and totally uninhibited”

“No Love Juice is Mrs Robinson for the new millennium”

Passion fuelled examination of the ‘older woman’ scenario. When 28-year-old Tomomi is dumped by her boyfriend she seeks solace in the arms of 20-year-old student, Takao. A relationship develops through which Takao comes of age sexually and Tomomi discovers a side to love she has previously not known. As time passes it becomes apparent that the relationship is doomed and lust has been mistaken for love.

An emotion filled yet often understated drama punctuated by frequent scenes of unbridled passion, plenty of naked flesh and the odd kinky encounter, this is Pink Cinema at its most genuine and subtle best.