Josh Collins - Perv Parlor

Perv Parlor

Josh Collins

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Josh Collins - Perv Parlor

A time travelling pan-dimensional demonic brothel alights in a techno-victorian society. Any appetite can be satisfied, but there is a price to pay..! Can renegade royal gynaecologist Prof. Rumphole Pump save the day or are he & his assistant Watty, too incompetent to save anything? Certainly it's too late for most of the city's depraved elite...festering in their own seminal fluids...

"Makes ED WOOD seem pedestrian, the Perv Parlor takes things to even greater's decadent, it's devilish, it's delicious"

"Collins' demented movies hark back to the first films of JOHN WATERS, eschuing art & commerce in favour of fun & shock value"

"A baffling, exhaustingly energetic & utterly bizarre sexualised psychedelic experienceLoud cheap ugly & lurid with plenty of mutant sixties rock'n'roll from the toerag crew"

Perv parlor is in fact the ‘prequel’ to Pervirella, made in 1997 by Josh Collins and Alex Chandon.

The real bonus is ‘Frat Shack Shakedown’. 60 minutes of music and madness based around the popular ‘Frat Shack’ Club nights hosted by Josh Collins in London for most of the 1980

Rating: Unrated
Type: Colour
Duration: 130 Mins
Year: 2003


  1. Josh Collins - Perv Parlor