Alex Chandon / Josh Collins - Pervirella


Alex Chandon / Josh Collins

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Alex Chandon / Josh Collins - Pervirella

'The sexy exploits of Pervirella a drop dead gorgeous young lady with a deadly secret... if the amulet is removed from her neck she turns into a sex mad creature who will not stop making love until the object of her desire is killed in lust. This fantasy comedy features a bevvy of beautiful and often naked women and has had favourable comparisons to the films of Terry Gilliam. The remarkable special effects and costumes make this movie a must see for anybody starved of truly original British movies. It's very funny, very stylish and very very sexy.

Starring; David Warbeck, Emily Bouffante, Eileen Daly, Sexton Ming, Jonathan Ross, Mark Lamarr

Rated 18

Duration 88 mins


  1. Alex Chandon / Josh Collins - Pervirella