Planet Shockerama

Planet Shockerama

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Planet Shockerama

Purple Vinyl. Not since Orson Welles' War of the Worlds radio broadcast has humanity been driven to run screaming through the streets! PLANET SHOCKORAMA delivers the shivers to an unsuspecting world, infecting the Earth with hell-bent, sex-crazed, rock'n'roll sounds emanating from the deep, dark cosmos! It's the War of the Worlds all over again, except this time it's REAL!

Checkout the David Bowie VIDEO track - VINCE RIPPER & the RODENT Show - Scary Monsters

ROCKERS (Side 1)

Planet Claire
The Invasion is Coming
Flying Saucers Rock and Roll
Mystery Plane
Shock Me
I Can't Find My Mind
The Blob


7 and 7 Is
Rocket USA
EST, Trip to the Moon
Outer Limits
Teenagers from Mars
Scary Monsters