Macc Lads - Quality Of Mersey / Morecambe

Quality Of Mersey / Morecambe

Macc Lads

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Macc Lads - Quality Of Mersey / Morecambe

Quality of Mersey - The Royal Court, Liverpool - 28/10/89
24 Hrs (Eddie Shit), Macc Lads Party, Julie The Schooly, Get Weavin', Nagasaki Sauce, Geordie Girl, Boddies, Lady Muck (promo), Buenos Aires, Dan's Underpants, Fluffy Puppy, Lucy Lastic (promo), Guess Me Weight, Miss Macclesfield, Dead Cat, Alton Towers, Head Kicked In, Barrel's Round, Blackpool, Eh Up

Carleton Club, Morecambe - 18/11/87
Gods Gift To Women, Julie The Schooly, 20 Pints, Maid Of Ale, Barrel's Round, Saturday Night, Torremolinos, Sweaty Betty, Guess Me Weight, Miss Macclesfield, Baggy Anne, Blackpool, Charlotte, Eh Up, Get Weavin', Eh Up Lets Sup, Head Kicked In, Now He's A Poof, Do You Love Me?, The Lads From Macc

This release includes a previous unseen extra concert of The Macc Lads live at the Carleton Club, Morecambe - 1987

This is the 3rd DVD release from those filthy mouthed, hooligan punks from the quiet North West English town of Macclesfield who became the most notorious band of the 1980s UK rock scene.

Quality of Mersey was originally released on VHS at the height of the bands popularity in 1990, filmed at the legendary Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool in front of a very raucous sell out crowd.

As a bonus, the previously unseen 1987 show, features many different songs. Good clean filthy fun indeed!

Year: 1989
Type: Colour
Rating: 18


  1. Quality Of Mersey